Monday, 28 May 2012

Ponies, French Fries and mutant flowers

We had an eventful weekend...and lucky for you (ha ha) I took a lot of pictures...

My favourite bouquet every year...lilacs from the front yard and clematis blossoms from my early clematis vine

I'm slowly getting used to Calvin's new haircut

Seed potatoes ready for planting...

We finally got the remainder of our garden planted.

Our friends from Maine arrived for a weekend visit....we are so jealous of their VW camper van...I really want to steal it and take off across the country on a road trip.

This huge blossom appeared on a rather modest looking houseplant...any idea what it is?  We have no idea.

We visited my brother-in-law's place....there were photo-ops everywhere...

One of his ponies had a new baby last sweet and tiny...

Snapped this lovely little vignette on the veranda

His chickens are laying eggs here, there and everywhere...

I guess when you find a cow skull the best thing to do is stick it on a post and plant a honeysuckle vine to grow around it (Martha Stewart would be so jealous....)

We finished up the weekend at my sister's camp for a birthday barbeque.....where we had homemade fries....

Made in this outdoor deep fryer

These lady's slipper orchids were growing wild at my sister's ones...

And this beautiful white group

I told you there were a lot of pictures...


  1. But great pictues! I want to steal that camper from your friends and I don't even know these people!
    I have a deer skull I could hang up and really make Martha just pea green with envy! I think it may be the decorating tip of the season.
    Off to fry up a few potatoes as yours looks so good.

  2. Beautiful flowers! And that baby pony is just adorable.
    My hubby would be jealous of the vw van/camper!!

  3. Lovely weekend. If you steal that VW, you had better come to Texas! And bring Calvin!