Sunday, 26 January 2014

Winter Update

Just a quick update, first off a new snowy picture.  I have to keep reminding myself it is pretty because I'm longing for warm, sunny weather.  It seems that everyone around us is heading south for vacations but don't think it is in the cards for us this year.  Someone has to stay home and feed cats and pick up mail for the neighbours..sigh.

I am back at art school 1 day per week until May enrolled in a tile making class.  It is so enjoyable and I'm learning so many new ways to decorate tiles but these methods will also be used on my pottery so I'm looking forward to some new designs for Spring.  This class will be credited toward a fine arts degree that is now being offered in an agreement between the NB Craft and Design College and the University of New Brunswick so I may actually complete the degree I started 26 years ago (did you read that Mom? Ha ha).
I've been knitting away on my "Favourite Things Infinity Scarf", it is so much fun picking colours and searching for interesting knitting charts.

Last month my sisters and aunts surprised my mother for her 70th bday and took her away for the weekend to a local hotel.  We wrote and performed a skit of her life events so far, had our own in-room wine tasting and went out for dinner, it was so much fun.  
Here we are left to right at the restaurant; my sister Heather, my other sister Andrea, my aunt Gloria, me, my aunt Marilyn and my mother the birthday girl. We always have so much fun together.

On another you watch "Girls" on HBO?

Yikes...I have never felt so squirmy and awkward watching a tv show...but yet I can't look away.  I think Lena Dunham might be a genius.  This show makes me glad I'm a 40-something mother living in rural Canada instead of a 20-something single girl in NYC so that might just be the attraction. Maybe "Downton Abbey" is more my speed.