Monday, 16 September 2013

A Year (or a week) in Provence

We are off to France for two weeks and I'm planning to take only a carry-on...yikes.  Scott and I will be meeting up with 3 other friends and renting a house together for a week then we will venture off on our own for 3 days in Villefranche on the French Riviera and continue on to Paris for 4 more days.  I thought since we will be doing a lot of traveling by train a carry on would make moving around  much easier...but not sure I can pull it off.  I'm also a little nervous because I booked our train tickets on a French website...hopefully my 25 year-old high school French will be enough and we don't end up n Russia (which I'm sure has its perks but not this trip please).

I'll check in when I get back with probably an obscene amount of pictures and stories.  Any suggestions or tips from blog readers who have been to France would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

10 on 10 September 2013

Joining today with Rebecca for 10 on 10 where you take 10 pictures throughout the day....

This month's set is a little different for me as I spent the day in the city doing errands.  Here  is my set;

#1 Pop cooler

#2 Cute little bistro set

# 3 Loyalist burial ground in the city

#4 Park bench and a neat fence

#5 Sidewalk music notes to celebrate the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

#6 New sock yarn

#7 Colourful Euros for our trip to France next week

#8 Can't wait

#9 Got milk?

#10 Store window

Monday, 2 September 2013

Too much information?

Today I'm sharing something super-personal...(hopefully you won't mind) I need to talk about menopause...(awkward).  First let me set the scene...I am 44 years old....with two sons (ages 18 and 21)and a husband that I've been married to for 25 years.  Tomorrow our youngest moves out to go to university...and this week, I bought a pregnancy test....(I know..right).  Anyway I will save the drama and tell you it was negative, which was quite a relief, I kind of knew it would be because Scott had a vasectomy 10 years ago but there is always that 1%...I did not want to be that 1%.

So considering my body decided not to have a period in August...and is not pregnant...the only other possibility I can consider is menopause.  I'm trying to wrap my head around this new development.  I have read every online forum on menopause.....yikes, that did not make me feel better at all.  So I'm appealing to all you wise ladies out there....when I was pregnant I read "What to Expect When You're Expecting" from cover to what to I read?

Not really wanting any more children...but not really wanting menopause either...