Friday, 31 May 2013

Panties revealed

Living in the country it is a fact that almost everyone dries their laundry on a clothesline.  Of course the clothesline is often for convenience located near the front door which provides all kinds of awkward when the FedEx man is waiting for you to sign for the delivery and you notice your panties fluttering in the wind around his head.  But the added bonus is when you go to someone's house...say your  neighbour who you thought was kind of a no-nonsense type lady and you see some racy undies gracing her clothesline...true story.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


The weather here has been dreadful, rain, more rain and high winds for over a week.  A tree blew over knocking a little robin's nest onto the ground and breaking all the eggs except this one which we found  on the ground cold and abandoned.  I really love robin's eggs, the colour is perfect and secretly I was happy to bring it into the house and place it on the windowsill by the sink which kind of collects little curiosities I like to look at while I'm washing dishes.  The only problem is doesn't it resemble those little chocolate mini eggs with the candy shell you can buy at Easter?  Hopefully none of the starving teenage boys that hang out at my house pop it in their mouths....that would be bad...but it would make a good story.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day...not the Hallmark version

My boys and I on Mother's day last year.

I'm posting the above picture because our oldest son Cameron had to work all weekend so he wasn't home for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day traditions have to change as little boys that pick dandelions for you and make you a homemade card at school turn into teenagers and 20-somethings with jobs, girlfriends, and their own apartments (sigh).  

The past few years  our Mother's Day activities have been inviting my mother and mother-in-law for brunch in the morning then Scott and I and the boys go for a drive somewhere in the afternoon and go out for dinner.  Scott and Isaac made brunch and insisted I sit with a cup of coffee and supervise...they did a great job but Isaac asked so many questions about how much fruit to use and how to cut it up you would think he was transplanting a heart not making a fruit salad.

Knowing that he had to work all weekend Cameron sent me a card and on it he wrote "Happy Mother's Day Mom, I promise to not do anything worrying all day, Love Cameron".  It cracked me up....I guess his usual weekends away with his friends to concerts, fishing trips and general 21-year-old activities cause me to worry a lot.  

After the brunch when we were going for a drive Isaac said he would go....but...his girlfriend wanted him to come over...etc, Scott and I went without either son, and had a lovely afternoon anyway.   When I got home Isaac gave me a foot rub, with peppermint foot cream, but he made me swear I wouldn't tell anyone...(he doesn't read this I think the secret is safe).

I guess the point of this post is to enjoy Mother's Day with little ones who make cards and bring you their version of breakfast in bed...but be a little flexible too because older kids can be pretty great in their own way.

Friday, 10 May 2013

10 on 10 May 2013

Joining with Rebecca  today for 10 on 10.  I took these pictures with my Ipod mini, they looked fine until I uploaded them to the blog....not sure why they are so grainy...suggestions?

 Here is what my day looked like;

#1 A little work on the new pathway
#2 Spring flowers
#3 Charlotte watching the birds

#4 Barn door

#5 A little work in the studio
#6 A special dessert
#7 Guest room ready for company
#8 Garlic
#9 Unexpected FedEx delivery
#10 Porch seats

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Spring is definitely here, finally. Since we will be hosting Isaac's graduation party here next month we decided we really needed to redo the pathway from the driveway to our house. It is about 100 feet long and we are going to use all the flagstone we have been collecting. Last night we realized it may be a bigger project than we thought...and the black flies have arrived if full force. We have the base done so tonight's job is to edge the path with reclaimed brick, and fill the middle with 3 inches of sand then we can start laying flagstone. If we could get the sand and brick done tonight that would be great as the weather forecast is 5 days of rain starting tomorrow.