Thursday, 10 May 2012

10 on 10 May 2012

Today I'm joining with Rebecca for 10 0n 10 .  Here is my set for May:

#1 Minestrone soup in the slow cooker on this rainy day

#2 New clay order arrived....going to be a busy month in the studio

#3 Gloomy day

#4 Quick trip to the city for errands, means a slice of veggie pizza for lunch

#5 Saw this car in the parking lot

#6 Love this sign in the window of the micro-brewery that I stopped at 
#7 Cute dog in the window of the yarn store

#8 Lady at the micro-brewery filling up our growlers
#9 Growlers filled

# 10 Ukuleles at the music store


  1. Great pictures! Have a wonderful night!


  2. Great photos! The dog in the window is cracking me up. And I love the "What Would Scooby Do?" bumper sticker!

  3. I loved this glimpse of your day and your life! Great photos!

  4. You made me hungry...the soup and the pizza and that beer! When is dinner??!!

  5. that pizza looks so good! and that dog in the window ... melts my heart.