Monday, 4 June 2012

Anniversary weekend

We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary this weekend.  Saturday morning we left early and stopped at the farmer's market, had breakfast and picked up a few things for a picnic.

We drove along the St. John River and stopped to take a look at anything we found interesting.

This abandoned church was not far from a farmhouse that people were living in....they must mow the church lawn when they mow their lawn because it was obvious that no one has used this church for years.

Along the St. John river there are at least 4 of these cable ferries/barges that are free to use. The cars line up on either side of the river and the ferries constantly transport cars, people and motorcycles across the river.  The ferries are attached to a heavy steel cable that runs under the water and attaches securely to the land on either side of the river.  We went on 3 different ferries during our little anniversary roadtrip.

We stopped and had lunch at a little picnic area....this was the view across the road from the picnic table....this new house under construction will have such a beautiful view of the river...I wanted to move into it.

Love these cupcakes from the farmer's market....yum

Love our strange expressions....I don't know why but setting the self timer on the camera and then running into the picture always cracks me up.

I had to jump out of the car and take a picture of these cows...don't you love the puzzled expression on the guy in the the lower part of the picture?

Waiting in line to board our 3rd ferry of the day

Wild lupines by the river.

We had a great day driving around and since we stopped at a couple garden centers I bought a few more plants but I'll do a gardening post later in the week.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE the church. ANd the new house's view!!

  2. Happy anniversary! We will celebrate 30 years in August and I swear it feels like we just got married sometimes.
    I love, love that chuch. I think it would be awesome to renovate it into a house. Think it could be bought?

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love the church.
    Sounds like y'all had a good day!

  4. What beautiful photos - it looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the old church. I've seen pictures in magazines of old schools and churches which have been converted into homes - wouldn't that old church make an amazing home??

    Happy anniversary!!

  5. Happy Anniversary - love the self timed shot and the creative way you spent your day! You asked how we picked Maui, but my sister is really who picked it. We came two years ago for her husband's birthday and now we are back for hers. They love Maui and we love tagging along! It really is an amazing island. You get all the comforts of the US, but you feel so far away. I highly recommend it! My only word of advice is to book your flights well in advance. The flights sell out far in advance for summer months and get very pricy!