Monday, 30 April 2012

Loaves and Fishes

This is what the mat at our front door looked like Sunday afternoon.  Isaac had some friends over for "band practice", then a few more arrived to work on a school project.  Suddenly it was time for supper and there were 9 instead of the 3 I had planned for.  I panicked and made a batch of biscuits....and tons of spaghetti.  There was not a crumb left.  Teenage boys are the most appreciative supper guests.....and the conversation is...well...interesting to say the least.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I promise this is the last of the NYC pictures I'm going to bore dazzle you with.  Consider yourselves lucky that I'm not taking pictures of my yard instead or you would be subjected to pictures of dog crap...and mud.

This is me at the Dakota (the apartment building where John Lennon was shot)....yes, I'm wearing sneakers...don't feet were really hurting.

John Lennon memorial in Central Park

The pond where you can rent boats in Central Park

Intricate gate at the Bethdesa Fountain in Central Park

More Central was seconds after this picture was taken that we looked at each other and said....we live in the woods...what are we doing in a park full of trees in the middle of NYC...I think our time can be better we left.

Not before I was nearly run over by one of these.....I said to Scott the night before this "I think the most dangerous part of NYC is nearly getting hit by bicyclists"....I had not considered horse and carriages...silly me

On our way home the magnolias were blooming in Maine.

We also had just enough time to visit my favorite pizza place in Portland Maine and as usual it did not disappoint.

Another strange thing that happened on our trip (besides my 46 year old husband repeatedly getting asked for ID when I'm considerably younger....I know...get over it) was that people asked us if we were British.  When I said "no, we're Canadian"....they said "your accent sounds British...but not quite as proper...a bit "woodsy"...thanks...I think?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

New York part 2

We spent the 2nd day in New York walking around Greenwich Village which I think was my favorite part of NYC

There seemed to be photo-worthy scenes everywhere.

A friend of mine recommended The Spotted Pig restaurant, which was a very funky place.

We scored a seat by the window and watched all the goings-on outside.

I had a roasted beet salad and Scott had a Cubano sandwich...oh and beer.  It was yummy.

Washington Square Park was a crazy place with lots of activity including this amazing jazz band.

Not sure  how this guy managed to get a grand piano into the middle of the park, but he was very talented.

We took the Staten Island Ferry to get a closer look at Lady Liberty.

I thought Wall Street and the Financial District were very imposing.

New World Trade Towers still under construction

We went to a matinee of "Memphis", it was excellent.

I loved the tiled signs at each subway station.

Did I tell you that my husband got asked for id.....twice?  I mean really....I'm 4 years younger than him.  No one asked for my id.  (Oh, and I must tell you....he had a hat on each time {wink}

Having supper at an Italian restaurant.

This cute waiter at the restaurant had only been in the USA for 11 days.  He came from Naples and his English was very limited, he was very charming.

This was a little Italian coffee shop where we went to have lattes and chocolate croissants.  The croissants were so amazing....I had to get 2 more to go.  Thankfully we walked a million miles on the weekend to make up for this.

I had to take a picture of these swings that were in Bryant Park.  I'm trying to convince Scott to make me one for our verandah.  Aren't they dreamy?

Friday, 20 April 2012

New York part one

After we arrived by train at Penn Station we walked about 20 minutes dragging our luggage to our hotel, 70 Park Avenue.  I had to take a picture of the room while it was still neat and tidy.
The first evening we walked down to the Museum of Modern Art where I got to see "Starry Night" (and photograph some lady's hand)

We checked out the craziness that is Times Square....

The Chrysler building and Grand Central Station

When we returned to our room we found this little surprise (by the way the wine was yucky and the cake looked better than it tasted...but it's the thought that counts right?)

Saturday morning we were up early and we walked a million miles...I did allow Scott a short rest in a park...

The Flatiron building in the background and lots of beautiful cherry trees in bloom at Madison Park

I loved Fish Eddys, their window displays were so cool.

Look at these amazing little lights

I loved these 50's style juice glasses

I lurked around this store for a long time taking fact prepare yourself for the next couple of will be picture-palooza.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

After I finish the laundry I will do a proper blog post

We returned from NYC last night.  Today was spent doing laundry,  grocery shopping, downloading pictures etc.  Tomorrow I think I need to get our income tax done (yuck).  As soon as I get a few things off my list I'll do a proper post.  All I can say is the weather was lovely, so many trees and flowers were blooming I didn't know what to take pictures of first.  Also I walked a zillion miles, took an embarrassing amount of pictures of food, realized what a "hick" I really am and decided my husband is about the best traveling partner I could hope for. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 on the 10th April 2012

Joining with a bit of sunshine today for 10 on the 10th photo project.

#1 making my son's lunch (which he should be doing himself)

#2 Coffee!

#3 packing for a trip

#4 bubble bath

#5 barn door

#6 work-in-progress in the studio: latte mugs

#7 completed pottery ready to be shipped out

#8 porch lantern

#9 sleepy dog

#10 helping our neighbor feed the orphan lambs

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Does size matter?

I have to share this picture of an egg hunt that took place in a nearby town.......that just happens to pride itself on having the "biggest axe".  Is this something to be proud of?  I'm not convinced.  And don't you find this picture a tad creepy?  The Easter Bunny looks a bit demented...and everyone is naively searching for eggs around a macabre-looking is strange to say the least.

Strange like our penchant for building the "largest whatever".
In my hometown we have the largest fiddle.

The largest perogy can be found in Alberta

We have the largest potato at a nearby farm market

There is also the largest easter egg in Alberta

Is this a Canadian thing?