Friday, 18 May 2012

Evil mother-in-law of doom

My oldest son has a new girlfriend.  I am not a fan...strangely he did not ask my opinion (that does not mean I didn't give it to him...I'm generous like that).  You know in the movies when the parents don't really like the girlfriend/boyfriend....and everyone is rooting for the girlfriend/boyfriend?  Well this time...could you root for the parents?  

Oh...and if you haven't figured it blog is still a secret...shhhh. 


  1. Oh, parents need to stick together so of course I am rooting for you! My oldest son is preparing to MARRY his girlfriend in October and I am trying to be gracious. Do they still have that part in the ceremony where they ask if anyone has any objections let them speak now?

  2. I'm rooting for you!

    I feel so thankful that I haven't had to deal with this situation yet. Although, I'm sure I will one of these days. Thus far, I have really like all of my son's girlfriends.

    Good Luck!!