Monday, 7 May 2012

Busy weekend

Scott spent the weekend at his brother's camp with a few of his buddies.  He got home early Sunday morning eager to get some gardening done as the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

I found this old trellis in the upstairs of the barn so I'm going to plant some sweet pea seeds and hope the plants will grow right to the top.

We finally got the new raspberry canes planted

I got the new peony bed that I started last year covered with mulch.

We planted the new strawberry roots in the garden.

I picked up some fiddleheads at the farmer's market.  Do you have fiddleheads where you live?  They are delicious....kind of asparagus-tasting.

Our kitchen table looked like this......

The grey line in the middle of this picture is the pathway leading up to our  front door....notice the clothesline is directly above.  I had an uncomfortable moment this weekend  standing on the path talking to a couple of my teenage son's friends when I looked up and saw my bra and panties blowing above our heads....can you say awkward?
Those fiddleheads were yummy with bbq steak and roasted potatoes.  I was so tired from all the yard work I was falling asleep by 9 and had to record "Mad Men".  How was your weekend?


  1. I have never had or even seen fiddlehead, but I really want to try them!
    I use a clothesline too, but always hang my 'unmentionables [that's what my granny called them] in the bathroom where no one can see them. The guy's stuff? Always on the line! :)

  2. Fiddleheads look like something I would love! The clothesline story is too funny.