Thursday, 27 March 2014

This and that

Although there are pretty spring flowers on my table...look outside...a blizzard. I swear this winter weather will never end.

I'm back to work in the studio, this week I've been working on a few teapots.

I'm so tired of cooking on this wood stove but good news, our new gas stove which has been back ordered for 2 months is being shipped from Tennessee on Monday.  Now we just need to cut a hole in our kitchen wall to move our fridge, get a new butcher block counter for the island and get the gas line hooked up.

I've also been making a few more retro Boler camper mugs to be shipped to Toronto and California.

Isaac came home from university to celebrate his 19th birthday, I can't believe my baby is all grown up.
And since in Canada the legal age to drink alcohol is 19....his grandmother bought him a beer.  He is lucky that his 70 year old grandmother is pretty cool.

I've been doing more knitting than reading lately but I really want to re-read these two books which are my favourites.
I also got these 2 new ones that are supposed to be good too. "The Orenda" recently won Canada Reads, a nationwide contest for the best book in Canada this year. It is a really big deal heare with lots of hype across the country...we're wild up in here.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Infinity and beyond

So I finally finished my "Favourite Things Infinity Scarf" from Ravelry.  It has been so much fun to knit, picking out the pattern charts and colours has been addicting.  I've had many trips to Briggs & Little Woolen Mills, our local yarn store to buy new colours of yarn.  I've also had great knitting afternoons with two of my best friends as I convinced them to knit their own infinity scarf (it also helped that we shared/traded lots of yarn so we had many colours available to use).

Here's a picture of me holding up my friends scarf and mine to compare:

I'm not exactly sure when I started this scarf but I'm thinking sometime after Christmas.  I did take a lot of pictures of my progress along the way.
Thanks so much to Lori from "Lori Times Five" for introducing me to this fun project.  I thought it would be too late in the season to wear this scarf but sadly we have snow in the forecast tonight so I might get to wear it after all.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


So with my mother off to Florida for the month of March and me being the daughter that lives closest to her house, I get the job of visiting this guy everyday while mom is gone.  Probably makes since seeing I gave him to her when he was a kitten....I had taken in a stray cat and to thank me she deposited 5 kittens in my sun porch...cats are like that.  
This is my childhood home...a farmhouse on 100 acres that has been in my father's family since they immigrated from Scotland in 1865.  They built a log cabin first and then built this house in 1880.  Since my father was an only child the farm got passed on to him and my sisters and I grew up here.
Dad passed away in 2010 so Mom lives here alone now.  This is the dining room.
The pantry has the cupboards that were built in the 1920' fact the insides of the drawers were made from recycled orange and liquor crates.
Upstairs in the hallway there is  my grandparent's wedding picture in the center, mom and dad's on the top left, my sisters' wedding pictures on the bottom left and top right, and my wedding picture on the bottom right.
Growing up we all shared this tiny bathroom....3 sisters getting ready in the morning..yikes.

Also because this house has never left our family, the attic is full of interesting things.  Wedding dresses from the 1900's, prom dresses from the 1950's, and 150 years of pictures. Including these albums my grandmother made in 1920.
And I leave you with this high school graduation picture from 1987...yikes...the 1980's are not nearly as quaint as the 1880's.