Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I've noticed something lately in blog land, some recurring "themes".  Is it just me or have you noticed this as well?  I'm talking about the following subjects; cupcakes, homeschooling, keeping bees, coffee, donuts, bicycles and colored jeans.

I'm beginning to fear for the the future of this little blog.  The best hints I can  pass along on these common blog subjects are.....cupcakes (eat them), homeschooling (since I have one son left at home and he is going into grade 12 this fall...I don't think this will happen), keeping bees (no), coffee ( drink it), donuts(eat them), bicycles (I have a scar on my knee from an ill fated bike ride in my teens), and colored jeans (the thoughts of the red jeans I wore in high school haunt me still) as you can see if these are the common blog topics of late...sadly...I have nothing.

I do wonder how to keep this little blog I just continue to post gardening pics, recipes, funny stories?  Is that mundane and boring?

Should I feel bad that I only have 16 followers...are more than 16 people reading this just not "officially" following?  Should I make this blog known to family and friends?  So many questions....


  1. Oh dear, my little blog may be in trouble as I am all over the place with stuff I post.
    I would love to see more of you pottery Denise. Having my own wheel has always been a dream of mine and one day I will make it happen.
    Have a great day.

  2. I haven't had blog mojo in a while. I don't know what to talk about yet at home I never shut up. Hmm. Let's ignore the masses and do mundane. I like what you write.

  3. I just posted about beans, so you are asking the wrong person. I like what you have here and think that the blog world can use a bit of individuality. Keep it real...