Tuesday, 1 November 2011

So far this week....and a shameful confession

Check out this picture of our backyard...the black thing is the composter that I dutifully fill with kitchen scraps...Sunday it snowed...notice the tracks around the composter?

Yeah..well they're bear tracks...apparently while I was relaxing by the fire, enjoying my snow day...a bear was right outside...trying to steal from the composter..yikes
I had to share this picture taken on Scott's desk...notice the muddy cat prints on his drawings? Charlotte likes to relax in the heat of Scott's desk lamp when she comes in from outside...not sure how he is going to explain the muddy cat tracks to a bunch of engineers.
The railing in the hallway is the place that Isaac has chosen to hang his smelly hockey equipment to dry after practice...what would Martha Stewart say?
How did the boys convince me to let them hang a dartboard in the hallway?  Oh I forgot..they put a lovely, decorative piece of cardboard behind it...that looks so much better....
As for my confession...I watch this show...I know..they're dreadful people...please don't judge..


  1. A bear??!! Yikes, that is crazy but the snow is so pretty!

  2. on that last confession....me too {said in the tiniest of voices}

  3. The snow is so pretty...although, the bear I can do without!! I loved all of your confessions and I confess to the last one too...at least, occasionally. I don't watch a lot of TV, actually, but when I do - I love that! I yell at those women because they make me so angry and then my kids come into the room to see what in the world is going on!