Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Yarn Along November 2011

Today I'm linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along; where you snap a picture of what you're reading...and knitting..two of my favourite things.

I'm knitting more socks, seems like just when I finish a new pair...I notice a hole in one of my old pairs.  It takes a lot of wool socks to get me through a winter of Isaac's hockey games.  

As for the book, I heard it reviewed on CBC radio as "like Eat, Pray, Love...only with sex"...and I was intrigued.  It's quite interesting so far....


  1. You are so talented. When are you going to open up that Etsy shop? I will be your first customer...pottery and wool socks please!

  2. Hi there, I wish I could knit but it doesn't look like its in the cards for me. Beautiful shot though. And good luck with those socks.

    My MIL read Wanderlust and loved it.

  3. i love the pattern and wool of your socks, do you have a rav link? and the book sounds good, i love that word, wanderlust.

  4. Beautiful photo. Makes me want to learn to knit.