Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Past

I had to share this picture of me...circa 1973...apparently I've always been a fan of Christmas.  I remember this day like it was yesterday (wow, that sure sounds like an old person talking).  My sisters decided to dress me up as Santa...they snuck in to my grandmother's bedroom (she lived with us all my life) and "borrowed" her red cardigan sweater.  

Here we are around the same time...I also remember that Snoopy  dog I got that year.  Notice our Christmas mother was obviously a fan of glitz (in fact she still put that silver tinsel rope on her tree up until a couple of years ago when my sisters and I did an intervention with her about her Christmas decorating).  It was always my job to cover the tree with those tacky silver, static-filled, "icicles".  Inevitably one of our cats would eat an icicle....and we would have to wait for it to "come out the other end".  My mother would remind us every day..."don't pull on the will kill the cat"....   Good times.

On another note I made a lovely Christmas-themed blog header but when I tried to upload it I got a nasty message from Blogger (or Picnik....not really sure) saying that I had exceeded my free uploading  space and prompted me to buy more.  Now I can't upload any of my blog headers...has anyone else had this problem?


  1. ok...disregard the part about not being able to upload the blog header....somehow I deleted an old blog header and was able to upload the new one...gosh this is confusing.

  2. Love the old pics! Glad you got the header thingy straightened out.

  3. I know nothing about headers. I did mine and then after it posted it was all blurry. I left it. I love the old pictures and the cat story...priceless. Makes me wanna get a cat....or not.

  4. Oh Snoopy! How great are those pictures! I have also had to buy more space. I think it was $5 and have heard other bloggers say the same thing. I do love the new header. Your barn is amazing!

  5. I wish I could figure out the header thing.

    I have fond memories of the gold garland we had for our tree. I thought it would make a better boa and would dance around with it until my mom rained on my parade, took it and put it on the tree.