Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Christmas

This morning I woke up to this lovely scene.  This is way too early for snow, I know it will melt  by tomorrow but I'm not ready, I'm still in Fall-mode.  I would love to have lots of snow for December-February, then it could go back to where it came from the rest of the year.  

Yes, there's IS snow on the pumpkin....
Calvin was perplexed by the whole thing as well...
He quickly got over it and happily loped around the yard (Golden Retrievers make the best of every situation I think)

Scott took Isaac to hockey practice so they won't be home until this evening...I'm planning a nice snow day by the wood stove with plans to make maple-curry chicken pasta for supper...maybe the snow isn't so bad after all.


  1. wow wow wow! And I want to know more about maple-curry chicken pasta!