Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Snow Day

We are in the midst of a snowstorm here.  Apparently we will be receiving 10 inches of the lovely stuff by tonight.  School was not cancelled this morning but the students were sent home at noon.  When Isaac got home I suggested we make gingerbread cookies and watch Christmas movies...he proceeded to his bedroom to play "Grand Tourismo" online with some of his buddies (sigh...why did he have to grow up?).  
I'm headed out to my studio (it's the little yellow building you can barely see in the background of this picture) to work on some Christmas orders...maybe I'll play some Christmas music out there.

oops I guess the bbq didn't get put away yet....

So...what's the weather like where you are?


  1. Isn't it something? You wake up one morning and all of a sudden its winter! I think its so beautiful right now ...I'll have different descriptors in February though...

    I'm giving you a Liebster award. Congrats!