Saturday, 26 November 2011

Up in Here

The wreath finally got put on the barn, it has a burlap bow...rustic, yet's my new Christmas theme...

A partridge landed on the bush right outside my window...she was looking for a pear tree..but sometimes you have to "settle"

some pics from my pottery sale last weekend

Tea sets...I hate making teapots but I do make a few for this sale...

bunny Christmas ornaments

Notice the stemless wine cups in the middle, left side of the table?  They are new this fall...several of my customers suggested they could be bigger...much bigger.... my customers are obviously winos.

There was hot apple cider...chocolates...and yummy squares that my dear 80 year-old mother-in-law made.  Sometimes I think people just come to my sale for those squares..but that's ok, I don't judge.


  1. I love the rustic bow and yes, I would need bigger cups too.