Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday morning thoughts

I had to snap a picture of my breakfast this morning.  I was sitting at the table with the sun streaming in and a cup of coffee with eggnog instead of cream (so yummy, you should try it), and I had the  most contented feeling.

It may be because Cameron and his girlfriend Emily came home from university for the weekend.  I hadn't seen them for over 3 weeks and last night when I went to bed I had the best sleep.  I think it was because I had my whole family (+ Emily) all snug in their beds and I always sleep better when I know my boys are at home.  It won't last forever because having sons that are 16 and  almost 20 makes me realize that  Scott and I  will soon be empty-nesters.

By Sunday night I'll probably be fretting at the state of the house and longing   for the quiet of only one teenager at home but for now I'm going to enjoy it......right after I pick up the towels that are laying everywhere...and clean off the coffee table....and run the dishwasher through....and go buy more milk.

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  1. love this little peek of what my life will be like in just a few short years! Wish we could sip coffee with eggnog together, for reals, and chat away the day!