Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This week...so far

Today I was on a mission...climbing over a deep ditch in my rubber boots (risking my life because it's still hunting season)...with a singular goal;

I had to have these berries...aren't they beautiful?  I see them all the time while we're driving in the car and today I decided I needed them to start my holiday decorating.

In other news...Scott and I (with some help from Isaac) finished putting shingles on one side of the barn (only 3 sides to go) although they might have to wait until Spring.  I'm making a giant balsam fir wreath to go between the windows...more decorating.

I want to have at least some of my outdoor Christmas decorating done before Saturday as it's my annual Christmas Pottery Sale and I need the place to look festive.
The studio is packed with pots ready to be glazed and put back in the kiln for one last firing

I'm trying some new pendants...and the little acorns you see are glazed but not fired yet...I'm hoping they will make nice tree ornaments with some red or teal velvet ribbon for hanging.

Some plates, bowls and a cake stand all ready for glazing

My kiln is firing overnight tonight and I hope to unload everything on Thursday morning which will give just enough time for set-up and pricing.  I have the sale inside our house which means the dog hair has to be vacuumed up and the floors mopped.  It's lots of work but so much fun seeing all my lovely customers on Saturday...and it forces me to get the house clean and decorated.

The rest of the week is busy...it's Cameron's 20th birthday on Thursday and Isaac has two hockey games as well...guess I should be off the computer.


  1. The pottery is gorgeous and I am drooling over that barn....the wreath will look great!!

  2. I think I would have risked my life for those berries too!:)
    Your work is so beautiful.
    have a happy night

  3. If only I lived closer I would be there!! We are having our barn sale on Sat. The next couple of days are jam packed.Next time I do NYC...you come on !!