Friday, 17 February 2012


These appeared last night.....I had to share after this post.  Scott had an appointment for an eye exam and I got dropped off at the grocery store while he was at his appointment.  When I met him later at the car these roses were in the backseat .  "They were 1/2 price" he exclaimed excitedly...."Mmm, I wonder why" I replied sarcastically.  We went out and had a lovely dinner at a very uncrowded restaurant....I guess celebrating Valentine's Day two days later has its perks.

After we had dinner we were planning on going to a we waited in line for tickets at around 7 pm...I said "Do you really want to see a  movie...or should we just go home and get caught up on Downton Abbey?".  We ducked out of the line, got a $1.00 latte to go at Tim Hortons and were home before 8....we're exciting like that.  


  1. Sometimes my husband and I go out to dinner and then go to Barnes and Noble and browse books. How's that for an exciting date night? :-))

  2. Sounds like a perfect night to me!

  3. How wonderful! Roses are great 365 days a year. I would've gone for Downton Abbey + a latte too!

  4. I would've opted for Downton Abbey, too!
    So, it was 2 days late, but it's the thought that counts, right? ;)