Monday, 27 February 2012

Happy Bloggiversary

Today I noticed it has been one year since I started this little blog. It is still a secret to my friends and family.  Actually my husband and sons know I have a blog....I just haven't given them the name or web address so they haven't read it (I think).  My sisters, mother, aunts and friends....have no idea.  I'm still unsure if I should come out of the "blog closet" or not.  I love that I don't have to censor anything I write....but it would be nice to have more followers.

I have to admit...I'm a bit of a comment junkie...I check for comments...a lot.  Is that needy?  I love to read them just as much as I love to read the updates on the blogs I follow.  I think about this blog a lot during the day (sometimes too much).  As I go about my day I try to think of things that would make interesting blog posts...and my camera is always handy.  I may, in fact, be a bit of a blog-nerd.  

I leave you with this photo of my youngest and his Chemistry Lab partner. I stole it from his facebook....
If he knew this photo was on my blog...he'd kill me, hence the reason for my "secret" blog..ha ha


  1. haha, so funny. i do know what you mean, keeping it quiet and all. i didn't tell anyone about mine either, but my husband did (and then google found it, which caused great panic on my part).
    share only if you want. my friends and family know and read, but don't follow or hardly ever comment. i get emails or phone calls instead.
    it's a lot of fun this blogging world.
    xx lori

    p.s. LOVE those kid cell phone photos!

  2. oops, happy blogoversary! ( i think you should tell, i bet they'd love it)

  3. have me thinking. I like that it is all yours for some reason and think it is amazing that you have kept it under wraps. Mine was semi that way until we moved to our island. Then I gave it to everyone as a way to keep in touch, but some of my best friends don't read it at all and the only people who comment are fellow bloggers {I love comments too, I must confess}. So I say keep it yours as long as you can...

  4. Once it is sent via text to's fair game ;-) I too, am a comment junkie.

  5. I think we're ALL comment junkies at heart! LOL

    I kind of wish I had kept mine quiet - I think I'd have a lot more blog fodder!

    I love my teens having cell phones. The random little texts I get from them throughout the day make me smile. Plus it's something to take away when they step out of line!! ;-))

    Happy Bloggiversary!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! I took the plunge and actually have mine posted to FB. The bad thing is that I have to be really, really careful about what I write about.
    Love the pic of your son!