Tuesday, 7 February 2012

California dreaming....

I'm not a huge fan of February...the only consolation is that it is better than January...and it's a short month.

As it seems everyone around me is headed on a beach vacation (except moi) I tried to channel my inner Californian...and put avocado on my breakfast sandwich Saturday morning.  It was yummy... but did not fulfill me in the way I'm sure a sunny destination would {sigh}

Instead...I indulged my husband (the biggest winter fan I know) and went cross country skiing with him and his friend Don.

Skiing on the frozen lake...that I will be swimming in in 3 short long months.

Look at all those nice little beach cottages on the shoreline...all closed up waiting for May.

Some crazy people were kite skiing...I passed on that one...I'm thinking February + broken leg = major depression.

Scott and Don getting the fire started.


Hot dog cookout...why are all campfire foods so unhealthy?

Don and I getting warmed up.

The fire was so nice we stayed out in the woods until it was dark and the moon came up.  In fact I had to wear a headlamp to ski home.  It wasn't the beach....but the hot dogs were yummy.


  1. I long for just a bit of snow. Don't tell my husband. It makes feeding cattle a pain....but it is so pretty. It just hasn't seemed winter without it.

  2. And I long to be where you are! What a lovely place that is that you call home.

  3. That snow is amazing! Good for you for getting out there and making the most of it!

  4. Wow! How fun! I want just one day of snow! It isn't looking like we'll have any this year. That breakfast looks yum.

  5. that is soooo cool! Skiing on a frozen lake with a campfire & hotdogs! We'll probably get snow during a spring break this year, with our luck.