Friday, 3 February 2012

I'm too sexy for my long underwear

Tonight Isaac had a hockey game at a nearby town so we let him take one of our cars and a couple of his friends to the game.  Scott and I took our other vehicle and went out for dinner at a new restaurant then went from there to the hockey game when we were finished eating.

As we were sitting at our candlelit table at the restaurant Scott leaned toward me and said, "I bet we are the only two people in this restaurant wearing long underwear".  I said "Is that your attempt at talking dirty?", then we lost it....we are too sexy for our long underwear...that is a fact.

You see it gets VERY cold at hockey games....and you have to dress warm....and in February warm trumps sexy.


  1. Thanks for a good laugh this moring, I nearly choked on my coffee!
    Have a great weekend!