Monday, 13 February 2012

Out and About - weekend edition

After Friday's beautiful weather (where I was out for a run in a long-sleeve t-shirt and no jacket) we were hit with a snowstorm on Saturday.  It left behind  6 inches of fresh powder which made my husband deliriously happy...hence the picture below of me wearing my designer shoes snowshoes.

I have to admit, it was beautiful in the woods and I may have taken a shameful amount of pictures

I'm sorry there a just a few more......

Before and after the storm we managed to make it to  Isaac's hockey games....there were 3 of them.

Apparently hockey players do some form of yoga to warm-up

As a bonus Tim Horton's (the uber-popular Canadian coffee shop chain) started making lattes...and they are only $1 and they are delicious...suck it Starbucks.

Today it's Monday....and the temperature is a ghastly -24 C (-10 F)...and my husband is still giddy about winter.....I question his sanity.


  1. Thank you for the snow pictures, there weren't too many. They are so lovely to this southern living, winter loving woman!

  2. oh wow, i love the snow photos. and a dollar latte? lucky!

  3. Those photos are fabulous! We never see snow down here, so I really enjoyed the vicarious thrill of the snowfall!

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous there! We got gypoed again last night...teased by the thought of a snow day, or at least a delay, but we woke up to a whole lotta nuthin'.
    We had an AFS student my senior year who is now a big exec for Tim Horton's...he's rolling in the dough.