Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Molasses is sexy?

Since today is Shrove Tuesday I've got beans baking in the slow cooker to go with tonight's pancakes.  I use Crosby's (a local company) Molasses in my beans and I have to share their new ads with you.  Apparently molasses is not a sexy sweetener....and the folks at Crosby's are out to change this.  I present to you...their new advertising posters....these are on billboards and in bus shelters all over Saint John where the company is located......they crack me up......

Just in case you need more entertainment, check out grandma's sticky buns video, it makes me blush.


  1. man catchers. hee hee ha ha. granma's winking was making me a little uncomfortable. ;)

  2. Too cute! Grandmom's these days are pretty s-xy for sure and know how to heat up a kitchen!