Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Rink

About 8 years ago Scott decided we needed a skating rink in our backyard so he built a dam at the end of a drainage ditch and flooded and froze.  He was in heaven...{are backyard rinks only a Canadian thing?}, there are so many in our seems to be a "man thing".  He floods it late at night  with warm water so the ice will be smooth again.  He put  up worklights so we can skate after dark.  The ratio of time spent working on the rink vs time spent actually skating has to be about 10:1.

This is how it looked the day before Christmas when we had some beautiful, fluffy snow.

Since then the snow has melted :-(

We has some friends from Maine here for New Year's so there was a Canada vs USA hockey game.....

This year we added a fire pit...and some bales of straw to sit on

Even the cat pays the rink a visit now and then..

I think I need to work on my "after-dark" photography


  1. We had a portable ice rink when I was a kid. I loved it. Before that we just skated on the pond. Our town has a big lake and dam. There is an ice rink down by the beach that has been made. I haven't skated in years. I broke my shoulder in a window cleaning escapade and now I ain't taking NO chances. I would sit on a straw bale by the fire though :) We could take photo lessons together but I'd rather sit on a straw bale by the fire :)

  2. It is like a different world there! I have never been on a backyard rink!

  3. too funny Canada vs USA - love it!

  4. I am from Massachusetts and we always had a rink in our back yard. We also had a pond nearby that we would snowmobile on, skate on and have big fires and cook out on the weekends with our neighbors. Some of my best memories as a kid. Good times!