Thursday, 19 January 2012

Donna Domestic

I usually have a big "to do" list for January.  I don't work in the studio  for Jan and Feb because it's too cold so I like to get a few projects done in the house that I avoid all painting  a room..or organizing my photos...or getting all my paperwork done before tax time (yuck).  This January I have been avoiding my "to do" list like the plague..and doing a lot of reading, knitting and reading blogs, wasting time of facebook computer work.

I have been baking (and subsequently eating) a lot.  I came across this recipe for no-knead bread yesterday.  I mixed it up in my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook attachment.  It is divine.

This is what it looked liked straight out of the oven.....before it was promptly devoured by my family.
I set it beside the woodstove to rise for 30 minutes before baking (I had to be constantly vigilant that the "always starving" golden retriever didn't gobble it up)
This is what it looked like right before I popped it in the oven.
I convinced Isaac to bbq the snow...
BBQ steak, oven frites, mushrooms and onions...and yummy bread, January is looking up.

The bread recipe makes enough for 4 loaves, you can keep the dough in the fridge for up to 2 weeks then when you want fresh bread you just slice off a grapefruit-sized piece of dough, let it rise for 30 minutes and bake.

I cooked it on a pizza stone and put a pan of water in the oven at the same time like the recipe requests and the crust was perfect.  I also used 2 cups whole wheat flour and 4.5 cups of white flour instead of all white.  Also I found it a bit salty so next time I will cut the salt in half.


  1. Your bread looks wonderful and I love the shot of grilling in the snow!

  2. I have been trying to check that bread cookbook out from the library for weeks now! Thanks for the link...I can try it while I wait for the book!

    I love the looks of that dinner and your cozy house...

  3. What an awesome dinner! Yum!

    And I had to chuckle ofver the "always starving Golden Retriever" because we've got one of those, too!