Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I've been tagged

I am usually really bad about completing these contest things but I've been tagged by Janie @Janie Fox Talks and I love her...and her blog so I'm going to play along.

The rules are:

1. post the rules.
2.  post eleven fun facts about yourself
3.  answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
4.  tag eleven people and link them on your post
5. let them know you’ve tagged them

Eleven fun facts about me:

1.  When Scott and I got married we bought a house 1 mile from the house I grew up in....that's right I have lived my entire 42 years in the same 1-mile radius. (cue banjo music)

2.  I played matchmaker to two of my friends...and they've been married almost 10 years now.

3. There were only 42 students in my  class the year I graduated from high school.

4. My middle name (Beryl) was my mother's maiden name....I hated that she did that to me, but then I returned the favor by giving my oldest son  this middle name, (Rutherford) which was my maiden name...fair's fair.

5. When I was young my best friend and I each had a pony and we rode them everywhere...bareback...without a helmet...my mother did not worry about us.....I wish I was more like my mother.

6.  I will do anything to avoid: 1. vomit  2. rats (in that order)

7.  I have been a bridesmaid 3 times and each bridesmaid dress was scarier than the last, my mother kept all the dresses in her attic (for some unknown reason).

8.  I only tried smoking once in my life and it was at a wedding reception after I drank way too much punch....and I was one of the  bridesmaids ( tacky, I know but I blame the  dress).

9.  When I was 8 we went camping and there was a circus setting up at the campground, I went over to the elephant (which was chained by one foot, I kid you not), he swung his trunk, hit me in the chest and knocked me out.  I love that this happened to me because really it makes the best story, ever.

10.  I go on yearly girls trips with my 2 sisters, 2 aunts and my mother.  We are so loud hotel staff sometimes knock on the door and warn us to behave.  (This seldom works). 

Now for the answers to the eleven questions Janie asked me:

1. Favorite chipmunk...Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?
Would it scare you if I said I am not a fan of the chipmunks...any of them?

2. Plastic tubs or cardboard boxes?
I'm all about the plastic tubs...with labels...they really bring out my OCD.

3.  What's your best suggestion for a gag gift?
Well once  for a Christmas yankee swap I bought red velvet boxer shorts with white fur trim and a matching santa hat...that seemed to go over well.

4. Who is your favorite author? Bonnie Burnard

5. Do you have a lucky number/letter? Probably "M"

6. What would your brother/sister say is your best quality? 
  Probably my memory

7. Do you paint your toenails in the winter?
Yes, yes and yes....I have terrible fingernails so I compensate with fabulous toenail polish.

8. How old were you when you had your first date?
Does the drive-in count? (I know what you're thinking). Well then I'd have to say 17....then I married him...go figure.

9. If you were in the Miss USA contest what would be your talent?
Is tap dancing still "in"?  ok, I didn't think so....

10. Are a you a lover or a fighter?
Definitely a lover...I avoid fights at all cost.

11. Kardashians...friend or foe?
I have seriously never seen the show...but I have a weakness for "The Real Housewives of NYC" (hot shame)
Now for my 11 questions:

1.  When did you realize you were an adult?

2.  What is your favourite food?

3.  Real Christmas tree....or fake?

4.  If you could re-do something in your life what would it be?

5.  What is the worst thing that happened to you on a vacation?

6.  Which do you prefer; going to a movie in a theater or renting it at home?

7.  What is your greatest talent?

8.  Do you re-wash the pre-washed salad greens before you use them?

9.  What tv show do you watch that you are embarrassed to admit?

10.  What was the first record album you bought (or cd if you are not old like me)

I know it is sad...and secretly you pity me....but I only have 14 followers and they don't all have blogs so I will link to a few less than 11.

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6. Suzette @The Frat Pack + me

Phew....I need a nap now.


  1. Thanks for the tag! I did something like this last week, but I'll at least answer your questions! :)
    We live up the street from the house where I grew up...we (or rather "I") moved home after living out of state for 20 years...just decided it was time to move home!
    My sisters, sisters-in-laws, and mom have ladies' weekend every Sept. Last Sept. we rented a cabin in the mountains so we didn't have to worry about being loud!
    I went to church when I was little with a girl named "Beryl", but her family called her "Sissy"!

  2. Thank you for tagging me! I will try to play along as well...but it might take me a couple of days...I loved reading all about YOU~

  3. I loved your answers. I laughed out loud at the elephant story and I will be re-telling it! Thanks for playing along!