Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Evil mudroom of doom

So after two weeks of lounging around reading books, the time has come to tackle the entryway/mudroom.
This is what you see when you come into our house...there is a door on the left that goes into the kitchen, there is a twisty set of back stairs that goes to the master bedroom and straight ahead there is a room with a window and lots of wooden pegs to hang coats etc.
It is kind of blah....and hasn't been painted for years...
This is the little room in the back that has pegs all around for coats and boot trays on the floor...it gets really, really messy by times.

I picked out a golden yellow colour (Benjamin Moore's Chestertown Buff) and started painting today...then I ran out of paint and had to drive to the city (45 minutes each way) so now I'm back and I better get busy because some of the junk from the mudroom is now in my kitchen....
And all the coats are piled up in the den.  I had a few photos from our trip to California enlarged and finally got a few other things framed so I'm hoping to get the painting done tonight and hopefully the pictures up and everything put away tomorrow.  I really don't mind the actual painting but I hate sorting through stuff and having the house in disarray.


  1. I hate a mess too... but the end result is so worth it.

  2. Stick to it...it feels so good when it's done! {I love the coat couch.}

  3. The paint color sounds so pretty. I can't wait to see the "after" photos!