Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mudroom reveal

Finally finished painting and got the mudroom back together.  The picture doesn't really show the correct paint colour (Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff)'s kind of a warm golden-yellow.  Also I want to get a new ceiling light...the one I have is ghastly.  I got a few photos enlarged ( only spending around $14.00..thank you Costco) and switched out the photos that were in some frames I had in other rooms.  I poached a little black and white rug that was formerly in a bedroom and bought a gallon of paint ($42.00) so the total cost for this little mudroom makeover was $56.00, not counting my free labour (not sure if anyone would pay me for my painting skills).

View from the kitchen into the mudroom

The old cookie tin came out of my grandmother's house and the vintage metal Barbie lunchbox was a Christmas gift to me from the same grandmother.  I was happy to finally have somewhere to put it.  

The picture on the top left (a copy of Van Gogh's "Starry night") was painted by Isaac last year for Grade 10 Art class project.  It looks quite professional matted and framed.

View coming down the backstairs

The tidy mudroom was short-lived....if you opened the door now you would see two hockey sticks leaned against the wall, gloves on the table on top of the Barbie lunch box, and muddy dog prints on the rug..oh well.


  1. At least you got pretty pictures of it before it became muddy!

    I love your paint color and I adore the Barbie lunchbox! Good job - it looks great.

  2. Looks really great! Love the rug and the pics and the tins!!

  3. oh, was nice while it lasted! Love that rug!!

  4. Tidy anything is short lived...but it looks GREAT! I love the photos in the frames, that rug and your stairs are so cool!

  5. It looks great! I really, really need to start repainting our's been 8 years since we moved in, so I guess it's time!

  6. I love that with just a little paint, some very pretty pictures and a few accents you can have a whole new room! Your mudroom looks fantastic and while I love the color, the art work is my favorite!