Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I am not a huge Halloween fan....I did enjoy it somewhat when the boys were little...but now, not so much.  In fact we haven't even carved our pumpkins the last few years...(shameful I know).

This year in a fit of optimism I pinned this idea for pumpkin-carving on Pinterest:

The reality of my attempt at white pumpkin carving is shown below....

I know, not quite the same....

Moving on to Halloween treats.....this was an idea that looked interesting to me:

This is what I ended up with:

In short I did end up with a funny Halloween discussion with Isaac last night....he was discussing the costumes that all his friends wore to the Halloween party they attended last weekend.  Have you ever heard the game where you open a fortune cookie and add the words..."in bed" to the end of whatever fortune you get?  Well our Halloween version is that no matter what the teenage girls choose for a can add "naughty" to the start of the description....for example; naughty nurse, naughty witch, naughty devil...etc, etc.

Seems a little judgmental to me from the guy who went to the Halloween party as a pimp don't you think?

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