Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Weekend

With Hurricane Sandy forecast to hit our area on Monday we took advantage of the sunny weather to get the last of our garden harvested.  Carrots, potatoes, beets and parsnips are now safely stored away in the basement.

Calvin went to the groomer Saturday morning for a much-needed bath and trim...and came home sporting a lovely Halloween bandana...his groomer is the best.

With the last of the garden harvested and the garlic for next year planted the garden is officially at rest.

 I fired another kiln load of pottery in preparation for a studio sale at my place next weekend

Isaac went to a Halloween party dressed as a pimp (I tried to explain that it wasn't really a politically correct costume....but when you are a 17-year old boy....), how I wish for the days when he was Spiderman or Harry Potter.

Calvin was fascinated with his "fun fur" coat, however.


  1. LOL his costume is pretty great. I want those veggies. And the pottery.

  2. The pottery is beautiful! Guess his costume could've been worse...

  3. I just found you blog and have enjoyed reading through your posts. I am going to enjoy visiting.
    Those veggies look wonderful!