Monday, 15 October 2012

The British are Coming

Are you watching this?  It's so good, I think I will console myself with it until January when...
this starts again.

Last night we were all watching "Call the Midwife", (well, Scott and I were watching it and Isaac was sitting on the other sofa with the laptop on his knees and his headphones in).  After the third rather graphic, noisy childbirth scene he said "Is that all that ever happens on this show?" which I replied "Well it IS named Call the Midwife".  He put his headphones back in, but trust me you will really enjoy this show (unless you are a 17 year-old male that is).


  1. I really need to start watching television!

  2. i don't know these either, not a tv watcher, but i've heard of downton abby before, i'll have to try both this winter!

  3. I'm using "Call the Midwife" to pacify me until "Downton Abbey" starts again!