Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scenes from Maine

Last weekend Scott and I left for a little 2 day getaway to Maine.  Isaac and a couple of his friends stayed home to look after the dog....and who knows what else.  I left them with money for pizza and strict instructions to have keep the house tidy and not let the dog get sprayed by a skunk before we got home on Sunday.  They managed very well and everything was normal when we returned (who knows what it looked like on Saturday)

I was teased for stopping to take a picture of this lovely old barn door with peeling aqua paint....

Then Scott snapped a picture of me in front of my favorite door.....I guess I'm weird.

We went to Duckfat in Portland Maine.  It was so yummy, they have belgian fries cooked in duck fat with yummy dips like homemade ketchup with truffle oil, and yummy paninis...I was brave and tried the duck panini (I don't think I am a fan of was a little "game-y).  

While you wait you can be creative with the magnetic words....I got more creative after 2 beer.

I love the cute couple with their two dogs enjoying some fries outside.

And like all good trips, there were cupcakes.

I snapped this picture of us with the timer while we were waiting for a table at my favorite pizza place in Portland.  (Scott was having fun...really...I promise)

I can not get enough of this place: Portland, Maine...if you are ever in Portland it is a must.

Breakfast was at this retro diner....yum.

The diner is a renovated train car...very small..we had to wait a while for a table.

The rest of the trip was spent driving around looking at the pretty fall leaves, and neat old buildings that are everywhere on Maine's back roads.

This picture was taken after we left a brew pub on Friday night, as were were walking back to our hotel we noticed through the window of the restaurant 2 beautiful women belly dancing....apparently it is an Arabian restaurant that has wandering belly-dancers for entertainment while you enjoy your meal...Scott was all for going there for dessert...I wonder why?  I decided to take my own belly back to the hotel after supper at the brew did not feel like dancing.

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  1. I love all your photos - Maine looks gorgeous. Love the idea of the magnetic words while you wait, too - what a great idea. It looks like y'all had a great trip!