Friday, 5 October 2012

Memory Lane

As I mentioned before we have been helping my husband's parents downsize from the 5 bedroom house they have lived in for the past 55 years to a 2 bedroom apartment.  My mother-in-law keeps trying to send us home with various "treasures" she has saved from my husband's childhood....

Exhibit A:  Leather craft kit anyone?  The 1970's called...they want to know if you want a keychain with your initial on't think so.

Scott's first attempt at mutual  mini-bike fund saving.  It must have been successful because further into the attic we found his motocross helmet.

The velvet suit he wore when he was ring bearer at his sister's wedding...complete with lacy collar and cuffs.  He was only 4 years old...but still...nothing says manly like a little lace on your collar.

Scott's high school jacket...that had we dated in high school I might have worn draped over my shoulders because it "smelled" like him...alas now it smells like mothballs and I will not be draping it anywhere.

I have teased him so much this week about the sentimentality of his fact I told him Tuesday night that his mother called and left a message on the answering machine.  "What did she say", he asked.  "She said she found your foreskin in an envelope in your baby book and she wanted to know if you wanted it".....this did NOT happen you realize...I was just having a little fun with him.

On another note (which may be Karma I realize) my oven is broke yesterday and this weekend is Canadian I'm wondering how to cook a turkey for 8 people with no oven.

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  1. I always wonder if I am saving too much stuff of my kids and if my daughter in law one day will try to figure out how to throw all of it away! I love the foreskin comment...too funny.