Thursday, 18 October 2012

Good Grief...what will they think of next?

I have to tell you a strange story about how when things are supposed to be easy...but then they just get complicated.  As I may have mentioned 2 weeks ago (Canadian Thanksgiving, coincidentally) my oven died.  It is not festive to serve spaghetti for Thanksgiving dinner but I did.  Anyway we have been so busy settling my in-laws into their new apartment...emptying their  old house so the new owners could move in etc,  that I just went shopping for a new range yesterday.

I need one that looks like this....

a slide-in range I guess as my stove is in an island and it can't have the controls on the back.  I knew it had to be electric because we don't have gas service here and I wanted self-clean and a flat cook top..and stainless steel.  I didn't think it should be so hard.

Oh my, how stoves have changed since I bought my last one 15 years ago.  I know you won't believe me but one stove had a  special button for chicken nuggets...the button actually said "chicken nuggets"....that distressed me on so many levels.  Also the stoves are as expensive as the first car Scott and I bought when we were married (I am not exaggerating, this is true).  The other thing is that they all have only 1 year warranty...oh and most of them weren't even in stock in the store you had to order them after looking at a picture online, then wait a week.  

I suddenly couldn't make a decision and I came back home without ordering or buying anything.   I guess I'm stuck with whatever gourmet meals I can turn out with two burners, a slow-cooker and a bbq.  

I also have this old-fashioned cook stove in my kitchen that burns wood.. we use in the winter for extra heat.  I don't normally use it for cooking because;   1) I am not a pioneer wife and   2) up until 2 weeks ago I had a perfectly modern stove.  Until I can convince myself to go back to Home Depot and  consider the ridiculous amount of decisions that must be made in order to get a new stove this wood burning relic is as good as it gets....and for the record...I am NOT getting a stove with a "chicken nugget" button....I've gotta draw the line somewhere.

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