Monday, 5 November 2012

Weekend recap

This weekend I hosted my annual Studio Open House/Pottery Sale.  It was very busy all day Saturday and I meant to take more pictures but I was so busy chatting with visitors that the day was over the the pottery displays mostly empty before I managed to take many pictures.

I did take a picture of the new butter dishes I've been making because I wanted to document them before they were sold so I would remember what they looked like if I had to make more.

Good thing I thought of that as I have orders for a few more before Christmas....and my memory is not the best.

This year I also added handmade soap to my Christmas sale, it was very popular and smelled so good (which helped to disguise the damp Golden Retriever smell that usually permeates our house).  I made pottery soap dishes as well but they were sold before I managed to take a picture.

Today I'm back in the studio working on a wholesale order and some dinner plates that I have to ship to a nice man in Virginia that wants to surprise his wife at Christmas.  I'm wondering if he really is a man after all because I've never known one to plan that far in advance for Christmas presents (maybe it's just my husband?).  

My goal for this week is to finally order a new stove...I can't believe I have been procrastinating for a month on this...we are getting by quite well with two burners,  a slow cooker and the bbq but I really miss  baked potatoes.  

All the Canadian tv and radio are talking about is the American election...I swear it gets better coverage here than our own elections ever receive.  How was your weekend?


  1. denise your pottery is incredible. i wish i could have come to your open house, i want one of everything here, the butter dish, soap dish and soap! congratulations on a sucessful day!

  2. Sorry about the election coverage. I'll be glad when it's over!
    Sounds like you've been really busy...everything looks great!

  3. You have such talent...I just love your work! Do you have a website that people order from?