Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Birthdays = Highly over-rated


Today is my 43rd birthday (gulp).  I stayed overnight at my sister's house last night after attending book club in her town.  This morning when I got home Scott had baked me this cake.  I was so surprised....he is more of a "scrape your windshield off, carry in your heavy bags, build you a shelf" husband...than a cake baker. Maybe he's trying to make up for this For some reason....I felt teary (which is embarrassing even to type).  

Do you get more hormonal the older you are?  Last week I teared up over an advertisment on tv.  This is not good.
Suddenly I find my birthday makes me that a sure sign I'm old?

When I was a kid I looked forward to my birthday for months.  Mom would make a money cake (where she wrapped quarters, dimes and nickels in wax paper and baked them right in the cake batter).  As you were eating your cake your fork would hit on one of these little wax paper bundles and you would get to unwrap and keep the money.  OK, I am old.....can you imagine baking disgusting, germ-laden money into cake and feeding it to kids?  Not to mention the choking hazard.  Also on the birthday menu were boiled hotdogs with steamed white buns and tall, glass bottles of grape or orange soda (God bless the 1970's health oblivion). 

Inevitably some kid would puke before the party was over.  Mmmm...maybe adult birthdays are not so bad.


  1. Happy Birthday friend! That is the sweetest thing that your hubby made you a cake. I would have cried too. And I hear ya about birthdays...

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Yes, I am finding the older I get the more I cry, guess it's all those wonderful hormones bouncing around!
    And hey, birthday's are fun...they are so much better than the alternative right? I will be 49 this year and in my head I'm still 17 so by the time I'm 79 my mind will be so far gone it won't matter! :)
    Enjoy your cake and have fun.

  3. I love that he baked you a cake!! I would've cried too! And I cracked up about the money Betty Draper....and I don't even watch that show ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday to you!

    My husband shows in love by doing things for me too. He's not a hearts and flowers kind of a guy...if he ever baked me a cake I'm sure I would cry too! That's just so sweet.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I'm five years older than you!

  5. ah happy birthday! i remember when i thought 43 was old... :)
    now now, birthdays are not overrated, just remember the alternative! your husband is so sweet!

  6. I am going to be 53 in a few days. I hope I get a money cake. I can't eat it..bootcamp but I can spend the bucks. I hope it is silver dollars. And I cry all the time. Really easy. I may cry now. ha