Monday, 2 April 2012

It was a beautiful weekend to.....

Take pictures of clouds
Take a drive to pick up these "new-to-him" drums that Isaac bought from Kijiji (the Canadian equivalent of Craigslist)
Our drive took us by this...the longest covered bridge in the world

Naturally  I had to stop for a couple of pictures

including one as we drove over (through?) the bridge
It was also nice to notice (as I stood on the balcony hanging out clothes to dry) that the ice had melted in the lake...finally
The maple sap is still running...which means more boiling...more maple syrup..
To be used on french toast (with a side of "crazy" eggs)

We also made home made maple ice cream...yum
It was also a good weekend for some yard clean up...
a very good weekend to be a cat

to stack some wood

a great weekend for drying clothes on the line

And as a bonus I received this cute little pillow from a friend who used  this pattern.  I love it. was your weekend?


  1. What a great weekend! I love the photos of your laundry line...takes me back.

    And now I am hungry for french toast with lots of syrup!

  2. I love seeing the covered bridge. I live on a group of islands so we have bridges everywhere, but not a covered one in the bunch, I guess living in hurricane alley puts a damper on that.

  3. I love the covered bridge. I love the pillow. I love your kitty cat. The End.

    PS. What are "crazy eggs?"

    1. Basically you just fry onions, red pepper, and mushrooms in a bit of butter then add 2-3 eggs that have been whisked a bit,
      cook like scrambled eggs then when they are almost done you grate a bit of cheddar cheese on top and add a bit of green onion.....kind of like an omelette without the flipping.

  4. I love that bridge and I want some maple ice cream realllllllllllly bad now.