Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday happenings

Isaac and I were up at 6 am this morning as he had to be at a hockey tournament 100 km from home.  The only good thing about this ungodly hour was this beautiful sky.

We arrived at the arena and I realized I forgot my gloves in the car so I went out to the parking lot...and saw this funky potato chip delivery truck.

Isn't it the coolest?  I would like to convert it into a camper and travel around the country, kind of like the Partridge Family (only without the singing, just the traveling around).

On our way home we stopped here to get a few groceries.  I'm in love with this store, it is independently owned and has been going strong since just after WWII (hence the Victory name).  I adore their neon is original and over 60 years old.  The store is jam packed with fresh produce, eggs, cheese and meat...and the prices are super.  Oh...and I should add they carry your groceries out to the car for you (take that Costco).  One time I was shopping here and their debit machine was down so I was going to have to leave, walk to an ATM and get cash to pay for my groceries.  The owner was there and he reached into his own wallet...pulled out $30.00 cash to pay for my groceries and said "You can pay me back the next time you are in, I trust you"...true story.

And that is how you make a blog post out of potato chip trucks and grocery shopping, yes it is an exciting life I lead.

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  1. Can you imagine being a delivery driver in that van?