Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday, Monday

So, around here it's March Break, which means that Isaac is home all week from school and the alarm is NOT set for 6:45, yay.  I have to share the March page from this calendar that is hanging in my kitchen.  Isn't it cheery?  I bought it at Paper Source in Boston last fall and I love it.

The forsythia branches I brought inside a week ago are blooming already, in the background outside the window you will see the forsythia bush which is still grey and leafless, I love forcing branches to bloom early inside.  I think forsythia branches are the easiest but I have had lilac and cherry blossoms forced inside as well.

That's about all the excitement from our house, it seems we are the only family not heading south for March Break this year.   Good thing because  Isaac's hockey season is still going strong and we have two tournaments to attend this week one of which involves a weekend getaway to a hotel in a nearby city so maybe I'll order a margarita there...and pretend.


  1. Aw, I am trying to imagine how the snow would get tiresome, but I can't explain how thrilling it looks seeing it out your window! Please don't come visit me then, unless you have that margarita. ;)
    Love the calendar page.

  2. YS is on break this week...and next week. I'm on break next week and CAN'T WAIT. I soooo need a break!
    I'm with Lori ann...I don't know how the snow would get tiresome!

  3. I want to do this. I will have to make a note or I will forget. Yesterday it snowed 4 inches and then heated up to 50+ in the day. My daffodils did not fare well. My garden needs cleaned, but until I get to it, I will bring in some branches and Spring it up.
    I had a sweet potato getting soft. I stuck toothpicks in it, suspended it in an old pitcher that I love. It is getting a nice vine going. It made me think of Grandma.

  4. Those painted chairs are adorable. So are the sheep.
    Aw, enjoy sleeping in this week...dreamy.

  5. I love the bowl and the rose mat on your table!

  6. It never occurred to me to force blooms. That sounds like a lovely idea but maybe you could think of a different term..."force" sounds so mean. Maybe you are just "encouraging" them to bloom. :-)