Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday update

I don't know what is with the weather here but after a snowstorm that cancelled school last week the temperature shot up to 27 C (82 F) all the snow melted in 1 day and I found myself outside reading....and I got a sunburn.  What a crazy March.  Let's talk about the "Hunger Games"...I admit I hadn't even heard of it until this month...and I was didn't sound like a book I would like.  A friend from book club lent me her copy...yeah..I was hooked on page 14.
Please ignore the paint-spattered green plastic lawn chair...our lawn furniture is still stored away in the barn and this was all I could find in the shed.
While I was outside on this lovely day I heard the window open and Scott popped his head out of his office window....I told him to get back to work, he was interrupting my reading...ha ha
Wednesday I went to the NB College of Craft and Design to give a workshop.  I was very nervous but it was fine.  The only problem I had was that I prepared a slideshow and put it on a memory stick and just to be safe I brought my laptop as well (I didn't want to be the old lady that can't handle technology)...I felt confident.  When we got to the lecture room there was a Smart board (yikes) and no way to connect my laptop to I had to use the college's Mac ( the ads on tv, I'm a PC...not a Mac) but with the help of one of the students I got it operational.  I now will have to have a bit more patience with my mother when she calls me (constantly) with computer questions.

I had such a great day at the college, it is in the historic part of downtown in a beautiful old brick building and part of the classrooms and library are in this building:

It was a former soldier's barracks in the 1800's.  Each floor of the building houses a different speciality; clay, metal art/jewelry , textiles, photography and graphics.  I had such a great day seeing all the amazing projects the students are working on. FYI...I think I was the only person there without a tattoo, piercing or technicolour hair.

Well I'm off to do exciting things like clean out the fridge and go to the grocery store...have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. My son read the Hunger Games and begged me to read them even though I kept telling him they were not really my reading material...I read all three books in two days! Surprised me,I really liked them.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. glad your presentation went well, i can imagine how you felt, sometimes technology is so intimidating. i can't believe all that snow melted from your photo last week. and it looks so beautiful where you live. haha, go back to work honey!
    i must be the only person in the country to not have read these books, glad to hear you enjoyed them.
    have a great weekend!

  3. I know, right....about the Hunger Games. I can't wait to see the movie, but I think I'll wait until all the crazy has died down. It is off the hook here because parts of the movie were filmed right here in Charlotte. My husband saw Stanley Tucci in front of the building where he works.

  4. I loved the Hunger Games! I'm dying to see the movie but probably won't even attempt to go this weekend. I think I'll wait until all the crazy teenagers are back in school and go see it one day next week...

  5. It didn't take me long to get hooked on The Hunger Games, either! Going to see the movie tomorrow!

  6. Well I am glad to hear that the sun came out and that you got some sun! I haven't read 'The Hunger Games' yet, but will have to add it to my list. That is great that your presentation went well and you got your technology figured out. Not my strong suit either. What cool buildings...I loved art school but I was the only preppy kid there!