Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring....please hurry

We spent the weekend away at a hockey tournament.  It was so nice to stay in a hotel and not have to cook or do laundry and we had a lot of fun with the other parents/players.  The sap started running in the maple trees so yesterday afternoon was spent putting taps in the trees and attaching the sap buckets.  

The weather forecast this week is warm days and nights that dip below freezing, perfect for collecting sap.  Next weekend we will boil most of it down to syrup just in time because we are down to our last 2 bottles from last  year's crop.

Lots of buds on my magnolia tree but it won't bloom until May.
With only 2 more games left hockey season is almost done....goodbye winter and hello spring I say.

Wednesday I am off to the Art + Design  college I attended to give a day-long Art workshop to the 2nd year clay students.  I'm a little  ok a lot, nervous to speak in front of the group.  It involves a slide show, artist's talk and then a demonstration...yikes.  Is it wrong that my first thought was...what will I wear?  


  1. That is SO cool! I can't believe you make your own syrup...I'm salivating at just the thought!

    It's definitely spring down here. Everything is blooming and the pollen is everywhere.

  2. I'm with Lisa on the pollen, there is a fine layer of yellow over everything.
    I think it's normal to wonder what you will wear. You know your craft well so your brain went to something else and clothes it was. I wish I could attend!

  3. oh! snow again! and tapping trees? so foreign to me. i love it.

    that's really exciting you are going to give the presentation, you will be great. i always wear what i'm most comfortable in, even to the horror of my daughters sometimes. hee hee.

  4. Tapping trees sounds like a foreign language to me. I wish I could be in the audience at your presentation!