Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring has Sprung....finally

Finally the weather took a wonderful turn here with temperatures of 23 C ( 75 F) which melted most of the snow and made everyone want to be outside.

We finished boiling a bit more maple syrup.

I finally found a good use for the bits of snow still hanging around.

The "redneck" sap boiler made another appearance and we kept the fire going all weekend boiling down the maple sap we had collected all week.

Scott and I entertained ourselves sitting in the sun in lawn chairs watching water sap boil...we are exciting like that.

We celebrated Isaac's 17th birthday by "donutting" him on Sunday morning...

It is hard to get a laugh out of a 17 year old...but we succeeded.

Sunday was also Isaac's last hockey game of the season so our weekends will be a lot more laid-back.

The birthday boy

Cameron came home from university (sporting a beard and braces...strange combo) to celebrate his little brother's birthday.

It was a lovely full weekend and the warm weather is staying all week.  The snow has almost completely disappeared and I'm very keen to get some seeds started because I know gardening season is almost here.  I'm spending Wednesday at the Art College as my presentation last week was re-scheduled to this week...I'm still a bit nervous about this but excited as well.


  1. I am still so fascinated by the whole maple syrup thing - this is really cool stuff to a Florida girl! I love the beers cooling in the snow...Happy Spring!

  2. I love that both boys were home this weekend and you were able to celebrate together. Those beers make me laugh...
    Good luck with the will do great!

  3. Spring, along with thunderstorms, is here in full force. I guess I can give up my wish for snow again this year.
    Happy birthday to your son! I love the donut idea and may
    have to borrow that idea! :)

  4. I'll bet that is the most awesome syrup ever! Happy Birthday to your boy. You are so right about getting a smile out of a 17 year old. Oy.

  5. happy birthday to your son and to you too, the donuts were a cute idea. are those your pottery pieces?

  6. Happy belated birthday to your son! I can't believe y'all had snow! We had temps in the 80's all week. Summer is going to be a scorcher.