Wednesday, 13 July 2011

This Old House

There are some great things about living in a very old house (in the middle of nowhere) like the wood stoves 

this one in the living room is very cozy on a wintry night
this cook stove in the kitchen is lovely too cook breakfast on when it's cold outside, I even bake in it when I'm feeling all "Little House on the Prairie"-like
but did I mention our wood order arrived today...and  it all needs to be stacked in that little woodshed with the red door..and it's really hot here in July?

I love the old clawfoot tub

and the tiny little bedroom with the slanted wall

the funky old farmhouse sink

I love the twisty back stairway....but did you know there are only TWO closets in the whole house (apparently one did not need a lot of shoes in 1876)
this is our long driveway, it's nice to have would also be nice to have pizza delivery (not an option)
I love the big red doors on the old barn
but...does anyone want to pop by and help us shingle the side with the windows?

I often joke to my husband that I think we should spend the second half of our marriage in a sleek condo in the city...but who am I kidding.....I probably couldn't leave this old house if I tried. (though the pizza delivery would be nice)


  1. I love your old house! That bathtub is dreamy! Seriously, your house and all that surrounds it is wirth not having pizza delivery!

  2. I love it! Especially the farmhouse sink!

  3. love your house! I am a sucker for old! houses that is not men haha