Saturday, 2 July 2011

The little room at the top of the stairs

I did a little $50.00 re-do on this tiny bedroom this weekend.  This was the bedroom that we used as a nursery when we brought our first son home 19 years ago.  You can see how tiny it is, this is a single bed...and there is a slanted wall at the bottom of the bed.  I guess in 1870 when our house was built...there was no such thing as a queen sized bed.

It is one of the last two rooms in the house that still have the original plaster....under many layers of wallpaper.  We put a new window in recently and the plaster was damaged in the process.  I considered tearing off all the wallpaper...but there are layers, and layers so I got lazy and bought a gallon of paint and painted right over the wallpaper.  We rarely use this room as we have another guest room with a double bed.  This is what it looked like when I started on Thursday.....
My only purchase was a gallon of Behr paint from Home Depot  (Venus Teal) then I went shopping in my linen closet for some bedding I already had.  I walked through the house and picked up pictures and accessories from other rooms and tried to strategically place pictures over the seams from the old wallpaper..I don't know if it would suit Martha Stewart but probably her budget would be a little more than $50.00 

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  1. What a sweet room! I love slanted ceilings, they add so much character I think, like a story book bedroom. Great color choice and the little vases on the window sill are charming. Don't you feel great?