Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The answer my friend....is blowing in the wind.....

I was complaining to my mother about how high our electricity bill was last month, considering it is summer and we have no heat turned on (and no air conditioner).  Mom pointed her finger at me accusingly and said "I know why your bill is too high...dryer, dryer, dryer".  Yes, at 42 years old I was being reprimanded by my mother for the crime of...drying my clothes.  (I obviously have not given her enough drama in my life so far).  Mom even uses her clothesline in the dead of winter...I remember as a teenager bringing my jeans in off the line in January and they were frozen stiff, and I would have to stand them up in the kitchen until they thawed.

Living in the country almost all our neighbours have clotheslines...and mom will notice their laundry and say things like "Cindy's son must be playing basketball this year, I see uniforms on her clothesline"....and " I think Lindsay had her baby because I saw  baby clothes on her clothesline"...or my favourite " The people that bought the Patterson farm sure put out a lovely line of laundry"(which the highest compliment in Mom's opinion).

Anyway we took our clothesline down last year when we moved our washer and dryer upstairs and hadn't managed to get the new clothesline up so last weekend Scott re-installed it and my laundry is blowing in the wind....and Mom is satisfied...for now.


  1. I love this! Reminds me of my childhood ;-)

  2. I love hanging clothes on the line. I do not care for it when a big bird leaves a gift on it. You make your mama proud. Good girl:)

  3. Your mama's laundry observations are so funny! I am enjoying having a dryer while we are at home, especially for soft towels, but I think the clothes line may be growing on me more than I like to admit!