Friday, 22 July 2011

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

I went to St. Andrews yesterday with my sister and our aunt.  We had a lovely day visiting the farmer's market and some of the little shops.
I had a conversation with this cute chef guy.  He and his girlfriend recently bought this portable wood-fired pizza oven and now they travel around farmer's markets, festivals and concerts selling their delicious pizzas.  They wanted to open a restaurant but also like to travel so this idea seemed perfect.  I have a thing about wood-fired pizzas (oh, and cute chefs too)
We visited this cute little gardening shop and checked out their very well kept garden outside....

they had their gardens edged with scallop shells ( a bit anal-retentive but maybe I was just jealous?)
we had lunch here on their back patio facing the ocean
this was the view from our table, the tide was out but it was still lovely.

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