Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I promise this is the last of the NYC pictures I'm going to bore dazzle you with.  Consider yourselves lucky that I'm not taking pictures of my yard instead or you would be subjected to pictures of dog crap...and mud.

This is me at the Dakota (the apartment building where John Lennon was shot)....yes, I'm wearing sneakers...don't judge...my feet were really hurting.

John Lennon memorial in Central Park

The pond where you can rent boats in Central Park

Intricate gate at the Bethdesa Fountain in Central Park

More Central Park...it was seconds after this picture was taken that we looked at each other and said....we live in the woods...what are we doing in a park full of trees in the middle of NYC...I think our time can be better spent...so we left.

Not before I was nearly run over by one of these.....I said to Scott the night before this "I think the most dangerous part of NYC is nearly getting hit by bicyclists"....I had not considered horse and carriages...silly me

On our way home the magnolias were blooming in Maine.

We also had just enough time to visit my favorite pizza place in Portland Maine and as usual it did not disappoint.

Another strange thing that happened on our trip (besides my 46 year old husband repeatedly getting asked for ID when I'm considerably younger....I know...get over it) was that people asked us if we were British.  When I said "no, we're Canadian"....they said "your accent sounds British...but not quite as proper...a bit "woodsy"...thanks...I think?


  1. I love seeing all the pictures...I've never been to NY.
    Woodsy Britians? Funny!
    Oh, I don't blame you for the sneakers, you must take care of your feet. Did you know the soles get thinner as you age? I didn't, but do now and heels are not my friend!

  2. loved seeing your photos of nyc. you saw some of my favorites. and you (luckily) missed my posts of my trips there, 5 times in the last not quite 2 years. a bit overboard, but i love it, plus my baby lives there.

    i made the mistake of buying a new pair of boots in soho once and wore them walking a million miles, as you do in the city. i think my feet still hurt. now it's only super comfy running shoes.

    that pizza place looks great.