Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 on the 10th April 2012

Joining with a bit of sunshine today for 10 on the 10th photo project.

#1 making my son's lunch (which he should be doing himself)

#2 Coffee!

#3 packing for a trip

#4 bubble bath

#5 barn door

#6 work-in-progress in the studio: latte mugs

#7 completed pottery ready to be shipped out

#8 porch lantern

#9 sleepy dog

#10 helping our neighbor feed the orphan lambs


  1. I love the barn door! Happy 10 on 10 :)

  2. Today was a great day for a bubble bath!! Pretty pottery and have a good trip!

  3. Oh my lambs...I want one! How exciting that your trip to NYC is near! My only advice is that next month you should move coffee to #1!

  4. Your pottery is beautiful! I love the lambs, they're so precious!

  5. Love your pottery. The lambs are so cute! Great set!

  6. Your coffee pot is awesome.
    I love the bubble bath shot and sleepy dog (so cute).
    Great set. Looks like a wonderful day.
    Have fun in NYC!

  7. Denise
    I love your pottery! It's so unique.
    Thank you for visiting my post.
    And a thank you to your son for the google car info!